Rabbi Julie's April 2021 Letter to Congregation

posted Apr 1, 2021, 10:02 AM by Congregation Leyv Ha-Ir   [ updated Apr 1, 2021, 10:09 AM ]
April 2021

Dear Chevre,

In some ways this past year has felt to me exactly as I imagine our ancestors felt right at the edge of the Red Sea:  Pharoah's army behind us, the raging waters in front of us. We have faced so many unknowns and pressures and witnessed or experienced so much suffering. But now in the mythic cycle of our year, we have crossed the Red Sea. We are marching toward Sinai. 

How do you relate to that journey of our ancestors? Does it feel to you that things are opening up and looking better? The renewal of spring and the spread of vaccinations, new leadership above and a growing movement of people working for the common good now inform the next stage of our journey. If we are following the map of our ancestors' experience, we know it will not all be easy. They still had to contend with many challenges, including finding shelter, water, food and leadership. Most of all, they had to learn how to be a community.

Having inherited so much of their legacy, one thing we don't need to re-invent is the value of community! We are blessed with already being in community -- a living, learning community. Of course we each have to keep living into our aspirations for caring and connection. In some ways community is always an evolving process of giving and receiving, forgiving and growing. So we carry on the legacy. I feel blessed and grateful to be doing this together.

Warm wishes,

Rabbi Julie

P.S. We have some special April birthdays, including our beloved Beverly Hayden turning 90, Pat Wisch's first birthday in her new state and a big one for Joanne Perilstein too! We will celebrate together at our April 16 Rabbi-led Shabbat service. Please join the Shabbat zoom.