Rabbi Julie Greenberg's June 2019 Letter to Our Congregation

posted May 5, 2019, 12:23 PM by Congregation Leyv Ha-Ir   [ updated Jun 5, 2019, 1:21 PM ]

Dear Chevre,

As we approach Shavuot, it's a time to reflect on the essential intertwining of the agricultural, historical and ethical in Judaism and see what this means for our lives. Shavuot, like so many Jewish holy days, celebrates the cycle of sowing, tending and in this case, harvesting. It's also a reminder of the peak historical moment of standing at Sinai, eyes lifted, hearts open to Torah pouring in and entering the world through us. And as Shavuot returns every year, we receive the ethical reminder to act from the highest realm of Self (even if we also have many other feelings and urges). So how do we live into all this today?
   I think Shavuot reminds us to reflect on our own cycles of sowing, tending and reaping. Where are you now in this process both personally and politically? Are you planting seeds to ready yourself or the world for change? Are you growing something in your inner life or supporting something in the world to grow? Or is it time to take stock of what has already been planted, a time of reflection and harvesting where you have been? 
   In any case, I hope all Leyv Ha-Ir-niks will be together on the actual day of Shavuot this year because it happens to be the Sunday of our Annual Meeting, June 9. Let's stand at Sinai together, harvesting our past year, living into our best selves for the congregational year to come. We'll also have some moments for Yizkor, a time of remembrance that takes place five times a year, including on Shavuot. See you then and there.
Love and blessing,
Rabbi Julie