Rabbi Julie's D'var Torah on Parshat Metzora April 15, 2016

posted Apr 25, 2016, 9:59 PM by Larry Finkelstein   [ updated Jul 14, 2017, 5:56 AM ]

In Honor of the Marriage of Daniel Johnson and Edwin Greenlee 

Rabbi Julie Greenberg 

The Torah portion this week, Metzora, is about an affliction called tazra’at that is sometimes translated as leprosy. The strange thing about this disease in the Torah is that it can affect a person, a garment or a house. Imagine that, a house with leprosy. 

In the Torah portion, the Cohen, the priest is called in to diagnose the condition and to treat it with elaborate rituals. 

What can it possibly mean for a house to be sick? It’s clearly not the kind of problem that a carpenter or plasterer or in these days a plumber or electrician could fix. If so, why would you need a priest to address the situation? Clearly, the affliction of tzara’at has to do with a spiritual disorder that requires healing of a spiritual nature.